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Heavy seas and burning buildings are not "leadership laboratories." They are real-world crucibles where effective leadership and teamwork are matters of survival. As a retired naval Surface Warfare Officer and current Fire Captain for the City of Charlotte Fire Department, these are the environments where Academy Leadership facilitator Rob Cannon has learned and applied leadership lessons for more than 25 years.

Following his graduation from the United States Naval Academy in 1990, Rob served in many naval leadership roles. He received the National Performance Review Award for Reinventing Government, and numerous personal awards including a Navy Commendation Medal for his leadership during Hurricane Katrina. Now retired from the Navy, he continues his service as a Captain on the Charlotte Fire Department where he leads teams from 4 to 40 in some of the most demanding environments imaginable. Rob has a Master of Public Administration from UNC-Charlotte and a Diploma in National Security Studies from the United States Naval War College and lives in Cornelius, North Carolina with his wife Michelle and their 4 children.

Leadership and teamwork are essential for the success and survival of all teams. Please contact Rob at rcannon@academyleadership.com to help build leaders who are ready, willing and able to lead your team to success.