May 2013

U.S. Army Veteran Priscilla Green Joins Academy Leadership

King of Prussia, PA (May 2013)—Academy Leadership's Lead2Succeed™ Program has added a new affiliate: Priscilla B. Greene. Greene will join other affiliates in leading workshops, facilitating training sessions, coaching Lead2Succeed™ participants, and more.

"At Academy Leadership, our goal is to develop business leaders of character and competence who are responsible and accountable, who can communicate effectively, and who are able to develop their teams and lead them successfully in the ever-changing global economy," says Dennis Haley, CEO of Academy Leadership. "As an individual who exemplifies all of these skills, I believe that Priscilla Greene will quickly prove to be a great asset to Academy Leadership and to the individuals and organizations with which she works."

Founded in 2000, Academy Leadership is an elite consulting and training firm that offers a variety of customized leadership training programs, ranging from manager-level coaching to intense multi-day leadership courses and retreats for the C-suite. All of these programs utilize Lead2Succeed™, a "take action" leadership development process that combines time-honored methods used by West Point and the Naval Academy with today's successful corporate philosophies.

"Essentially, Lead2Succeed was designed to create the ideal environment for behavior change to take place," explains Haley. "It doesn't use academic lectures; instead, Academy Leadership's affiliates challenge participants to apply leadership principles directly to actual workplace challenges.

"But what makes these programs truly unique is the fact that all of our facilitators, including Ms. Greene, have distinguished military experience under their belts," he adds. "They aren't just repeating phrases and concepts from a textbook; they've walked the walk when it comes to effectively leading others in competitive, challenging, and high-pressure situations."

Specifically, Greene earned a B.S. in engineering at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, and an M.B.A. from Oklahoma City University. With over 25 years of experience in the engineering and management fields, Greene's extensive knowledge of business operations and workplace regulations makes her ideal to impact the efficiency, morale, and performance of diverse organizations, as well as to develop the future leaders of business, industry, and government. She is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

About Academy Leadership

Academy Leadership, an elite consulting and training firm, was founded in 2000. We use a unique "take action" leadership development process—Lead2Succeed™—which combines time-honored principles used by West Point and the Naval Academy with today's successful corporate leadership tactics. Taught by affiliates with distinguished military experience, our programs are conducted in-house and range from manager-level coaching to intense multi-day boot camps and retreats for the C-suite. (We also work with law enforcement professionals to develop the practices, principles, and thought processes they will need to succeed in a challenging and changing profession.)

Academy Leadership believes in the importance of accountable leadership, persistence and the drive to win, a commitment to core values, and the importance of clarifying each person's contribution to the overall mission. In short, Academy Leadership specializes in getting extraordinary results from ordinary people by instilling a leadership philosophy that perpetuates self-discipline, honor, and integrity.