May 2017

Battleship Tested and Approved

Academy Leadership invites you to participate in an extraordinary learning opportunity aboard the Battleship North Carolina. We now offer our Leadership Excellence Course & Executive Coaching program aboard one of the most highly decorated American Battleships of World War II. Imagine learning 21st Century leadership skills in the environment that changed the course of the 20th Century. It is truly a life-changing experience!

While looking at the ship's model in the visitor center before boarding the vessel, Captain Ron Hewett (Retired, US Navy) informs participants, “The ship is a metaphor for any organization. You have a critical mission. You have lofty standards. You have people assigned to critical tasks;. You have to pull together and work as a team. You have internal and external communication requirements. You have a staff tasked with making sure the organization runs smoothly and effectively, and you have the leader at the top who is accountable for everything that happens on that vessel.”

During this 3-day course, participants will experience spaces on the ship not open to the public as Captain Hewett facilitates modules such as Your Personal Leader’s Compass, Aligning and Accomplishing Goals, The Essential Communication Connection, and Creating a Motivational Climate.

These specific exposures and discussions during the time on board are invaluable for reinforcing specific leadership concepts. What is even more impactful is the fact that the USS North Carolina had nine commanding officers from the time it was commissioned just before the start of the war until it was decommissioned after victory in the Pacific, and every one of these captains were promoted to admiral. This is a phenomenal recognition of not only the fifteen battle stars won in combat in the Pacific, but to the culture of excellence achieved aboard this vessel under extraordinary duress. This is truly a benchmark for all participants to take back to their organizations.

We currently have 2 open enrollment programs scheduled for 2017. Private 3 day, 2 day and half day workshops can be tailored for your organization based on availability.