February 2022

Case Study: DeanHouston+

by Andy Foerster

Each year Academy Leadership presents our Leadership Excellence Partner Award to client organizations that recognize the importance of leadership development as a key resource for continued outstanding performance and bottom-line results. We are proud to announce DeanHouston+ as one of our 2021 award winners.

DeanHouston+ is a full-service, business-to-business integrated marketing communications firm headquartered in Cincinnati, with offices in Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles and Shangai. Established in the summer of 1988, DeanHouston+ has experienced explosive growth since 2008, expanding its full-time employee base by more than 350% and tripling its office footprint across the enterprise. The company currently has a staff of nearly 100 people.

Their CEO, Dale Dean, is a true visionary who is completely devoted to developing his people and improving his organization to better serve his customers. His passion for developing his high potential rising leaders led him to partnering with Academy Leadership and using the key principles of the Leadership Excellence Course to anchor his organization's leadership development roadmap, Lead+. In March of 2020 we launched the program with two groups totaling 15 people. As the second week concluded, the COVID-19 lockdowns were just beginning but it did not stop the evolution of their development program.

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Dale Dean and Andy Foerster

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